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Problem Solving Algorithms
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This content is PG-12 rated! Youth under 12 may need help in understanding.

Knowledge is strength, yes indeed!

Non biblically, it's all about timing when intelligently you must show you are lower than others. Then you can be [mercifully as a protecting in-your-face leader] negative about them, and get more people to agree with (accept) your ideas.

Biblically, it's all about wisdom in communication.

Less SEO Fatigue

I am promoting kindness and patience as a means for the advancement of humanity.

2 Things: There should be no nuclear power plants anywhere. Suspected people who promote biological warfare should see heavy punishment.

"We do to site visitors what we'd like webmasters to do to us." - Less Fatigue Algorithm SEOs' Algorithm

On that note, below are some great ideas for building content (and website themes). I have emphasized relevance to SEO (mostly usefulness), and [common sense] godliness motivation when possible.

One must first understand the ins and outs of solving a problem. Then they can write with confidence.

Listed below are some incomplete algorithms that anyone can use to start new site content. Quality of content is more than acceptable for all web sites!

1. To start: Copy, paste a below algorithm to a text document.
2. Search internet to expand on "other" things, adjust the ratios, and edit words.
3. Make the sum of the algorithm ratios equal 100.
4. Enjoy the power from the new knowledge. Write an essay or tweet.

There will be no motivating people for a just cause using dishonesty. That is a righteous focus.

1)  Problem: There are too many videos on Fukushima that fail to motivate people to shut down nuke plants, because of quality of video and trust of subjects.

To sceptics, it looks like anti-nuke people are trying to push the cause, emphasizing lack of government and TEPCO disclosure. The hidden radiation leakage is what matters most.

Fukushima, like all the other past stupid sufferings (e.g., Pearl Harbor, WTC bombings, etc.), is simply a way to motivate those who have a good work ethic, to advance humanity. E.g., loyal sons of those who are responsible. Forgiving happens mostly to those who work at it.

If world leaders could have their way, they would eliminate nuclear bombs, plants and technology. They would make it a crime to venture into nukes. However, it is not that simple. People can not be trusted. We need nuclear bombs to prevent others from nuking us. That is it. That is the bottom line that may be difficult to grasp at first.

We can still push for no nukes. The effective approach to God's work is to first have a good work ethic, speak in a gracious and attractive way, and report the truth about radiation [prevention]. Emphasizing anti-trust issues [about radiated people in charge] makes us too stupid to think straight.

Eventually, most of us, who have time, should get motivated to help the no-nuke movement. Esp. those of us who have a sound mind.

Thanks to God, I have organized two algorithms of trustworthy videos.

In this algorithm, some video lists were found doing a search at a respectable YouTube user (at YouTube magnified glass in center; after searching, scroll up to see keyword in search box). Other video lists were found at trustworthy web sites [like and Musicians United for Safe Energy].

Anti-nuke includes both bombs and energy. Both split atoms and emit harmful radiation.

[Ratios of] Most trustworthy lists of anti-nuclear videos:
50%: Other [1] |
7%: Nuclear search at YouTube ConcernedScientists |
5%: Fukushima, nuclear, radiation searches at YouTube GreenpeaceVideo |
5%: Anti-nuclear [call of] -duty search at YouTube [2] |
5%: Stacey Anderson at YouTube |
5%: Nuclear search at YouTube LivableWorld |
4%: Musicians United For Safe Energy videos |
4%: Radiation search at YouTube BeyondNuclear1 |
4%: Fukushima, radiation searches at YouTube UNISDR |
4%: Physicians for Social Responsibility videos |
4%: Nuclear Age Peace Foundation videos |
3%: Nuclear search at YouTube Nuclear Threat Initiative |
100% concentration of nuke trust!

1. Here are the anti-nuclear groups in the US|
2. Trustworthy Google runs YouTube's search algorithms. |

I am not big on Playlists and Channels at YouTube. Playlists list videos that went offline. Channel names relevant to what researches are looking can be challenging to find. E.g., most anti-nuke users do not have a "nuclear radiation" channel.

When finding a good YouTube Channel, there is no guarantee that videos include a relevant keyword, 'cause the user made the channel, youtube search algorithms did not do it.

At YouTube, maybe I need to trust users more than search algorithms, 'cause maybe the search cannot pick up relevant ideas or keywords in the videos. However, I am not doing "maybe." At YouTube, I am working in a manner that saves time. That is it!

Playlists save time, but users must not be irritated with the listed blank videos.

2)  Problem: What anti-nuke videos can I trust?

Here is an algorithm to help save time when gathering anti-nuclear info.

The above algorithm are the best video lists. This algorithm shows the best useful, single videos.

[Note to webmasters: Maintaining a list of active (working) videos is more time consuming than maintaining a list of web pages listing videos. Individual videos go offline, due to copyright issues, desire (choosing to delete the video) of the one who uploaded it, etc.]

[Ratios of] Most trustworthy [and useful] anti-nuclear videos:
44%: Other [1] |
3%: The Ongoing Fukushima Catastrophe Level 7 / 10:40 [2] |
3%: Fukushima: Oceans of the Dead (What you...) cued at 12:41 / 20:19 |
3%: Fukushima. It's Not Over cued to avoid same content / 13:44 |
3%: Contaminated Food and Water cued to save time / 35:59 |
3%: Fukushima is the WORST nuclear disaster in world... / 5:06 |
3%: Nuclear Reactors & Weapons cued / 1:24:44 |
2%: Demand that FDA Create Lower Radiation Limits for... cued / 14:43 |
2%: Inside Fukushima: Beyond the "No Go" Zone / 16:00 [3] |
2%: ABC News - West Coast Evacuation Due to Fukushima... / 4:24 |
2%: Three Mile Island (& Fukushima) Lies & Cover-Ups... cued / 38:08 |
2%: "Kids die, govt lie!" Ex-mayor exposes real scale of... cued / 16:36 |
2%: Fukushima Fallout Deaths Concerns Worldwide cued / 22:13 [4] |
2%: Fukushima. The Speech that let the Cat Out of the... / 19:59 |
2%: Edwin Lyman explains the nuclear crisis in Japan on the... / 13:39 |
2%: Nuclear Weapons and the Environment cued / 1:03 |
2%: Fukushima 1/29/2015: New Findings on Fallout; Muon May... / 13:36 |
2%: WhiteTigerNews: Fukushima Cover-Up cued / 1:00:16 |
2%: Fukushima Disaster Update, April '15 (radio, no video images) / 51:17 |
2%: Last Week Tonight with John O... (informing comedy) cued / 15:21 |
2%: "Shut down all nuclear power plants!" Hangout with anti... / 50:17 |
2%: Post Fukushima Shopping 1/28/2015 | Organic Slant / 10:22 |
2%: Why Fukushima Reactor 4 Spent Fuel Pool Needs a... cued / 42:58 |
2%: Fukushima: "An Insult to the Pacific" by A. Gundersen cued / 37:17 |
2%: Fukushima's Food Fallout: Testing Groceries for... cued / 8:23 |
2%: Maddow-Lochbaum Japan 3/14/2011 / 13:10 |
100% anti-nuke influence!

1. When listing more videos, viewers' trust for subjects matters most. |
2. Very similar to Fukushima "No More Seafood For You" (Must...) / 10:41 |
3. Shorter version: Fukushima Fear Three Years After the Tsunami... / 4:18 |
4. Radiation causes cancer mostly after 10 years, & infant mutations. |

3)  Problem: Nukes are legal.

Law needs to be passed that makes nuke power illegal. While we are waiting, making a profit from any nuclear power plant should also be illegal, to help focus more on clean air and health. No profit will reduce the occurrence of lies, 'cause the plants will be worthless to the owners. We can allow big salaries to all people whose competence is important.

Any energy is better than nuclear! After calculating risk of radiation leaks, nuke energy is foolish!

Wise people no longer inhabit Chernobyl and Fukushima. A report from Fukushima Now documentary tells of young inhabitants experiencing lower immune systems.

Start all nuclear decommissioning now. We will survive without it. [Here are the decommissioning strategies from the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).]

Best alternatives to nuclear power plants:
10%: Solar (e.g., First Solar, Sharp Solar|
10%: Geothermal Energy |
10%: Hydrogen |
10%: Fossil Fuels |
9%: Biomass (e.g., New Hope Power Partnership) |
9%: Hydroelectricity (dams, wells) |
9%: Wind |
7%: Natural Radiant Energy (very inexpensive) |
6%: Tidal Power (tidal stream or barrage generation) |
5%: Oil |
5%: Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) |
4%: Ocean Wave Power |
2%: Coal (e.g., Peabody Energy) [1] |
2%: Other |
2%: No power [like the Amish] (we can test willing & able communities) |
100% radiation-free air & food!

References: Popular Quotes
1. "To build a coal-fired plant... it will bankrupt them." - B. Obama |

Here are the Frequently Asked Questions at US Energy Info Admin.

4)  Worldwide problems and their [ratio of] importance to mankind:
19%: Other |
18%: Existence of nuclear energy & bombs [as terrorist time bombs] [1][2] |
18%: Existence of biological warfare possibility |
14%: [Qualified] people are not coming together to solve big problems. |
6%: People are working to get rich in money and not solving worldwide problems. |
5%: Government officials justify hiding their big agenda|
4%: Powerful people are ok w/ killing others who are low in rank. |
4%: People in control aren't good at convincing others to prevent lazy lifestyles. |
4%: Government officials are regulating patience, to strengthen character. [3] |
4%: People bent on destruction will continue to cause havoc. |
2%: Religious fighting instead of recruiting (loving) |
2%: Government officials don't respect lives of victims, 'cause few respect them. |
100% understanding of worldwide problems!

1. Nuke sabotage likely has motives that seek to a achieve a greater agenda. |
2. Or, mass extinction prevention, due to incompetent leaders. |
3. Victims were doing little to improve humanity, shockingly it wasn't a big deal. |

5)  Problem: People who run countries do not know what they are doing.

Here is some content that will ease anxiety of world chaos.

Achieving Goals Good Bible Quotes

The Golden Rule says, "Do to others whatever you would like them to do to you." - Matthew 7:12

We need to trust our officials' morality in solving the big issues. The best thing we can do is improve life through goals and an action plan. Some of us can contribute our skills and knowledge to help our officials do their job. Most of us may never directly help the government, but indirectly our work ethic is a powerful force.

Godly people want peace, but sometimes indignation is essential for human growth. Sometimes agreements cannot be made, 'cause one side thinks they are superior to the other. The side who thinks they are superior is causing possible indignation to either side.

Reasons we trust people who run countries:
34% because of other reasons. |
25% 'cause they are doing their best w/ what they have. [1] |
16%: We understand their [cowardly] reasons for hiding the truth. [2][3][4][5] |
8%: Most the groups (entities) they work with show no signs of distrust. |
8%: We respect their work ethic [& patience]. |
4%: We know they don't respect victims of their likely conspiracies. [6] |
3%: We [capitalists] don't! Mostly 'cause people don't trust us. |
2%: We know they will get back what they do to others. [7][8] |
100% peace-of-mind in politicians!

1. When they cause suffering, there's a great motivating indignation in the making. |
2. They don't want to be placed on trial. |
3. They don't want to reason w/ lowly people outside their own circle of influence. |
4. E.g., "make sure no one knows about this. If anyone finds out, we're finished!" |
5. Stop hiding, get fired, avoid jail-time, then find a new job. |
6. E.g., most people do not effectively serve mankind. |
7. Eventually, hopefully they avoid harming others. |
8. Eventually, victims could see news that their enemies are [equally] suffering. |

6)  Problem: People are ok with nuclear power.

Fukushima radiation is worse than Chernobyl!

No more nukes! Law needs to be passed that criminalizes nuclear power production. Let's help get the ball rolling.

Citizens of the US must say no more. We want a clean world, not nuclear advancement.

Reasons we avoid having another nuclear power plant meltdown:
70% because we get rid of all nuclear power plants worldwide. [1][2] |
20% 'cause of other reasons. |
10%: We minimize the possibility of [corrupt government] sabotage. |
100% meltdown prevention!

1. We will eventually get to zero possible meltdowns. |
2. We prevent horrific results of nuclear radiation (meltdowns) on human body. |

In Japan, the nuclear industry has been in a state of paralysis since the Fukushima meltdown. Today, none of the 48 usable reactors in Japan are being used, pending safety checks. They may or may not be shut down permanently.

A good question: What service can I offer, to keep the no nuke ball rolling?

7)  [This algorithm is rewording the above.]

How to prevent acts of terror on nuclear power plants:
70%: Shut down all nuke plants. [1] |
15%: Other ways |
12%: Increase security, esp. against sneaky insider sabotage. |
3%: Don't give terrorists the idea that it's possible. |
100% solutions to nuke plant terror!

1. The time to act is now, 'cause of Fukushima radiation concern. |

8)  Problem: We need more motivated people to get rid of nukes.

The term used for stand-alone areas holding spent nukes are called "independent spent fuel storage installations."

I cannot believe it is ok with some intelligent people to store spent nuclear fuel in the ground. What about perfect cleanliness and illness prevention? It looks like the people ok with this are not intelligent. Maybe they do not have the capacity to think into the future. Maybe they are choosing to make money over promoting humanity.

It looks like love (kindness and patience) is not stopping the nukes. The educated (rich, religious) hippies would have already succeeded. Unfortunately, we need to get out the boxing gloves to settle this one. If you are not strong enough, anti-nuke speaking is not for you, because when we fight we lose. That's what this is: Fight, lose, fight lose, fight win the war.

Nuke people's desire to promote their agenda using nukes needs to stop.

[Here's some stupidity I recently discovered: Hopefully, now those of us against nukes will make nuke spokespeople stutter. They will not know how to get rid of the stuttering when they talk because its reason will be hidden to them. If they seek the reason, they will eventually find it in the presence of the educated. They need to see their desire to make money over human-kindness as the cause of their stuttering. Only after they quit the nuke profession will their speech come back to normalcy.]

In wisdom, stupid thoughts will only cause regret in the long-run, but for now they act as a relieving thought.

My guess is 65% of people who support nukes are doing it for the money or job security. 15% to keep up on nuke technology as a defense to other countrys' nuke arsenal. 20% other.

Nuke work needs to be a crime, worldwide. I'm ok with conspiracies and a little suffering here and there, but nukes? Come on man (more stupidity: Fŭk u she ma; maybe there is someone who gets satisfaction from telling "she ma" to go to hell. I don't know.). I picture smiling Japanese teenagers sympathetically chanting "she ma, she ma..," like she ma is strong enough to handle the hardship. Maybe that is what the Israelis thought. E.g., oh hell she ma, the Japanese people can overcome anything, esp. radiation! Sabotage won't be that big of a deal.

One more good tip: I wouldn't reason with lazy people. "The lazy person is wiser in his own opinion than seven men who can give an appropriate response." - Proverbs 26:16

[Satisfactory behavior after having an opinion of lazy people is achieved first enduring work. Push, push, experience elation, push yourself more.]

Why we are driven to shut down all nuclear power plants:
14% because we decide that we must help [man survive]. [1][2] |
14% 'cause we know humans make mistakes, and humans run the plants. [3] |
10%: We've seen horrific videos of Chernobyl victims & become merciful. |
9%: We conclude that nuclear power is one of the stupidest things ever. [4][5] |
8%: We're reducing the occurrence of babies being born w/ horrifying disabilities. |
7%: We conclude that evil nuclear technology is fueled mostly w/ money making. |
7%: Other reasons |
7%: We join a no nuke movement. (e.g., Greenpeace, FoEI, UN) [6][7] |
6%: We are being offered payment [for our needed service]. |
5%: USA's stance that "nuclear power is ok" does not intimidate us. [8] |
5%: We are ok with offering our time and service for no payment. |
1%: We're not, but we'd like to be! |
1%: We're not, and have no interest in the no-nuke movement. |
1%: We want to stop carrying around a Geiger counter. [9] |
1%: We don't like checking products' origin, to minimize radiation exposure. |
100% passion to help humans now!

1. Joining a group could be effective 'cause we help each other succeed. |
2. We commit to offering our time and skills to help stop these plants. |
3. There are stupid worker & sabotage scenarios that can cause a meltdown. |
4. Includes: We are not ok with burying spent nuclear fuel into the earth. Enough! |
5. Includes: We don't want nuclear technology to advance. |
6. Anti-nuclear Organizations at Wiki |
7. FoEI (Friends of the Earth Int.) will help close Diablo Canyon plant in Ca. |
8. There are 61 nuclear power plants in the USA, as of April, 2015. |
9. We can't taste, feel or see radiation. |

Japan exports many products, worldwide. Business people who sell (supply) these products have an interest in downplaying or explaining Fukushima radiation [contamination].

This is a list of the major reactor failures that had a meltdown [10]:
#1) BORAX-1 (deliberate test)
#2) EBR-1, 1955
#3) Santa Susana, 1959
#4) Stationary Low-Power Reactor #1, 1961
#5) SNAP8ER, 1964
#6) Fermi 1, 1966
#7) SNAP8DR, 1969
#8) Three Mile Island, 1979
Soviet Union:
#9) Chernobyl, 1986
#10) Navy nuclear submarines [including K-27, K-140, and K-431]
#11) Fukushima Daiichi, 2011
#12) Lucens reactor, 1969
#13) NRX (military), 1952
United Kingdom:
#14) Windscale (military), 1957
#15) Chapelcross (civilian), 1967
#16) Saint-Laurent (civilian), 1969
#17) Saint-Laurent (civilian), 1980
#18) A1 plant (civilian), 1977

10. More info is at|

1979, 1986, and 2011 were the horrifying ones.

Small and big radiation leaks are occurring too frequently. It's time to make the world permanently clean (godly). One effective action is to follow the nuke money trail. Then speak the kind, patient language of rich people and politicians.

"Through patience a ruler can be persuaded, and a gentle tongue can break a bone." - Proverbs 25:15

Cleanliness is godliness. Cleanliness means zero radioactive waste anywhere on Earth or outer space. I clean my body, I clean my house, I clean in public when I can. It is shocking that government officials who should be into cleanliness do not stop nuclear fuel. How is it that dirty people run countries? Do citizens really prefer dirty people over clean people? Are some of us jealous of the clean people's perfect lifestyle? I know, the dirty politicians only did enough cleaning to win votes. Looks like one thing we should pay attention to, when electing the next official.

If I were in charge, I would clean up the world, promoting the ideas of cleanliness and illness prevention. I would promote other forms of patience.

"And let patience have its perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, lacking in nothing." - James 1:4

Enduring the work for optimal health is being godly.

They make radiation detection watches with a built-in Geiger counter. It beats carrying around a hand-held Geiger and pointing it at everything.

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9)  What is your line of expertise? Politician? SEO? Video editors who are into high quality work can help ten-fold. The no-nuke movement needs your skills. We do not have time to train newbies. However, if you are a quick learner, we will make an exception.

[Ratios of] People who can stop nuclear power plants:
19%: Mature (forgiving) victims |
11%: Doctors whose patients are children living around Chernobyl & Fukushima |
11%: Politicians who have a past of lobbying against nukes |
9%: Some people who used to work at a nuke plant |
9%: Family and friends of victims of nuclear radiation |
7%: Other, esp. everyone else who fills a need for help. |
7%: Other pros [who have a good work ethic] |
7%: Some people who promote health & safety |
7%: Rich (educated) people who have decided to join a no nuke movement |
6%: Other doctors who want to help |
5%: Other victims |
2%: Godly (clean, concerned) people who want to help |
100% concentration of no-nuke proactive people!

Here is one main thing: Professionals who support nuclear, shockingly, see a hidden agenda. E.g., money making, evil temptation to make people suffer. Maybe these supporters of nukes need to be criminalized.

10)  Why [next] Generation IV nuclear power plants are good:
35% because of other reasons. |
25% 'cause they supposedly can't meltdown. [1] |
19%: They're not: Some people emphasize the good & hide the bad. [2][3] |
16%: Unfortunately, nuclear power will not go away, so we must upgrade. |
5%: Opposing (or furious) citizens get humbled, 'cause plants aren't closing. |
100% unfortunate death to humans!

1. No No, they still meltdown: Fukushima. It's Not over cued. |
2. People who are positive about nukes likely have interest in its money making. |
3. No more nukes! We know it could take 40 years for some plants to upgrade. |

11)  Reasons we get ill:
27% because of other reasons. |
20% 'cause the attention we give to our own health is not enough. [1] |
19%: Natural causes (e.g., old age) [2][3] | 9%: We do not exercise enough to build resistance to illnesses. |
7%: Other reasons that causes our immune system to be low |
6%: Preventable accidents |
5%: It's hereditary. |
3%: We are too obese. |
3%: We are couch potatoes. |
1%: Nuclear radiation eventually causes an illness. [4] |
100% illness prevention education!

1. Includes: Unfortunately, we're manipulated into average-to-poor health. |
2. Includes: It's our time to go (or get ill). |
3. Includes: Unpreventable accidents |
4. Some critics to this idea will downplay the existence of Fukushima radiation. |

12)  Conspiracy defined: An agreement between two or more persons to commit a crime or accomplish a legal purpose through illegal action.

Conspiracies with biggest impact on humanity:
69.5%: Other |
10%: The New World Order [has more control than US & other democracies]. |
9%: Fukushima [Israelis preventing Iran from getting nukes]. [1][2] |
6%: Drug companys' interest in making money over drug effectiveness. |
5%: US's 9/11 as an inside job, to justify middle east war. |
0.5%: Maybe the remedy for cancer hasn't been made widely public yet. |
100% of the greatest illegal but possibly justifiable agreements!

1. One goal may have been to create sympathy for those against nuclear energy. |
2. Impacts on humanity: Increase in worldwide radiation, & nuke plant shutdowns. |

On Fukushima: "Exposing the 3/11 truth can also contribute to change the current situation in which the real perpetrators, who have committed acts or war (war crimes) against Japan and its people, have (for now) gotten away with their terror upon the world, completely unpunished." - [In other words, 311truth... will help criminalize the Fukushima terroists. A terroist is someone who shows no r rating after the 2nd one. Fŭk u she ma for disrespecting the lack of mercy on nukes. Comedy looks like a wise outlet to entertain, and not take things so seriously.]

Anyone who went through life lying [to avoid confrontation], and as a result made people suffer, needs to finish living, to let the honest advance humanity, 'cause you are too evil (strong). If I were in your shoes, I would have made the same decisions to lie, right? However, I will never know what it's like to be on a big enough stage to have any of my lies matter. I honestly believe I would not have had the overwhelming weakness to choose to lie. Enough said. I would have accepted a firing, [after causing mass radiation suffering, from distorting the truth about Fukushima meltdown] 'cause I have career backups (e.g., video making, internet marketing). Most people forget, some forgive.

The last thing I want is to be paranoid about anything I say, 'cause someone gets furious over it.

13)  Ratios of best website themes, today:
75%: Other |
7%: How to Shut Down All Nuclear Power Plants |
5%: How to Minimize Exposure to Sulfur [1] |
4%: Biggest Problems Facing Humanity |
3%: How to Have Zero Biological Weaponry |
3%: How to Have Zero Worldwide Nuclear Bombs |
3%: Steps for Zero Mass Destruction Weapons |
100% eventual solutions to worldwide problems!

1. "He will be tormented with fire and sulfur." - Revelation 14:10 |

14)  Content that promotes the human condition:
50%: Other |
14%: No nukes (bombs & power plants) |
7%: More love, less evil [using a popular religion] |
5%: Less homelessness |
4%: Less hunger |
4%: Less illiteracy |
3%: We must reduce our luxuries that put us in a negative (stupid) state of mind. |
3%: How to exercise more |
2%: Less ignorance |
2%: How to reduce the use of the TV |
1%: Less daytime fatigue [1] |
1%: Less human trafficking |
1%: How to cure cancer |
1%: How to reduce drunk driving |
1%: How to reduce the use of automobiles |
1%: No more strict diets: We must simply eat when and what we want. |
100% reasons humans will survive!

1. Or, How to take less naps |

15)  Reasons we think we are more intelligent (loving) than government officials:
55%: Other |
17%: We think we could avoid engaging in a conspiracy to get a desired result. |
7%: We completed higher education, mostly on humanism. |
6%: We don't like their reasoning when they choose to fight. |
5%: We don't (government officials are like us but more intelligent). |
5%: We don't like one or more of their [known] goals. |
5%: We are unaware of a bigger picture [they are hiding]. |
100% reasons we question a government's action!

16)  Conspiracy defined: An agreement between two or more persons to commit a crime or accomplish a legal purpose through illegal action.

Reasons governments are still carrying out conspiracies:
56% because of other reasons. |
33% 'cause they achieve a desired result, incl. character building. |
10%: They see them as superior acts of risky peace-making. |
1%: Payback (revenge) directed at suspected politicians is not a sound option. [1] |
100% reasons for madness!

1. Only 1% to minimize paranoia from immature people out bursting words. |

Getting worked up about victims of government sabotage is unproductive. It causes us to spend time on language that does not help. The wise thing to do first is to trust that the people in control are doing the best they can with what they have. Most of the time conspiracies are undergone to prevent a greater catastrophe. They don't tell us because most of us can't handle the truth. It does not matter that some of us suffer here and there because hardships build character strength, making our country stronger.

"A good indignation brings out all one's powers." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Power always thinks it has a great soul and vast views beyond the comprehension of the weak." - John Adams

"When written in Chinese, the word 'crisis' is composed of two characters. One represents danger and the other represents opportunity." - John F. Kennedy

From the viewpoint of leaders in government, in general, most victims [of government sabotage] do not really do much for humanity before their accident, anyway, right? They only serve as possible heroes in overcoming their victimization.

Do you sympathize with government officials when they [likely] see that telling citizens the truth will create chaos (anarchy)?

In the end, those responsible for making others suffer will be given an equal amount of suffering. That is how the human character works.

"The LORD is a jealous God, filled with vengeance and rage. He takes revenge on all who oppose him and continues to rage against his enemies!" - Nahum 1:2

17)  Reasons adults do not play professional sports:
25% because we never believed we could make it. [1] |
25% 'cause now, we are too old. [2] |
20%: We never wanted the profession. [3][4] |
16%: Other reasons. |
5%: We didn't have other proper guidance. [5] |
4%: We never understood how to create the body (muscles) needed to succeed. |
2%: Unfortunately, our parents did not have proper Yin Yang. [6] |
2%: We never played any sports, ever. |
0.75%: We were too weak to endure the work to overcome an injury. |
0.25%: We were going to but got seriously injured. |
100% current non-pro 19+ age group population!

1. Intelligently includes: We weren't good (patient, fast, friendly, etc.) enough|
2. Includes: We used to, but we retired from it. |
3. Includes: We didn't want to commit to the lifelong training. |
4. Includes: When we were younger, we were not into it enough. |
5. Some of us had misdirected (unholy, loser) coaches. |
6. One factor: Parent's relationship success, acknowledging their birth order|

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Beastie Boys: New York City! New York City! What?

Say what we mean
and mean what we say.

So what's the time?
It's time to get ill!

"The L.I.E. the B.Q.E.
Hippies at the band shell with the L.S.D.
Since 911 we're still livin'
And lovin' life we've been given
Ain't nothing gonna take that away from us
Were lookin' pretty and gritty 'cause in the city we trust
Dear New York I know a lot has changed
2 towers down but you're still in the game
Home to many rejecting know one
Accepting peoples of all places, wherever they're from"

Thank God for the spiritual mercy of [very] powerful people!

Dear victims: The negative fighting stuff needs to be minimized, unless you are a superior (God's) patience giver. E.g., you are a whistleblower, who needs more friends. In that case, I have to say your fighting is justified beyond comprehension. [It is ok to look past those who try to laugh at your ego. I do not know 100% what that means. I'm giving effort to show sympathy.]

Yes, stupid people do things to create patience, in order to be more righteous.

Anti-nuke work seems to be a broken record, because most the material questions nuke companies and governments, and can be difficult to believe. There's no big-money making motivation for the no-nuke activist. The motivation is mostly [challenging] godliness.

Unfortunately, governments are not really into the no-nuke movement. So, non-government people need to do the work.

Dedicated no-nuke people should get free backlinks or donations to continue their quest.

Too much patience? This time, I'm losing my mind: After experiencing a steady work ethic, I can now confidently proclaim that those who were too weak in life and made people suffer got messed up in life. Oh well! Those aggressors, if they do not grow strong (mature), need the righteous to lose, in order to hide their immaturity.

What should happen, immediately–sometime in the future (the end result), is that stupid aggressors should get equal suffering, because of their foolishness.

It's all about [victims] first enduring patience, then strength in friendship (numbers agreeing to ideas), power from knowledge esp. Holy Bible, then simply letting God do the work.

I lost my mind: I may be right or wrong, but it looks like leaders (police, principals, owners, etc.) need love to see straight. Right? People who are powerful have to see eye to eye with their friendship and courage.

Content on this page is positive, not stuck on the past.

YouTube watching tip: Plan on watching the video when you need to take a short break.

At break time, open the video, pause it, click to increase its quality (e.g., 720pHD), take the break. Video will be ready to go with greater odds that little circular thing in the middle won't show up.

Half the videos cannot efficiently play, immediately, at the highest quality.

Joke of the century: "It can't be done."

Stars are created from dust and hydrogen gas. Maybe one factor that helps them to form is dust from past planets that got wiped out by nukes. Are you like, no way, there's no proof? Or, yes, right, nuclear annihilation could be a factor in the birth of stars? They do have nuclear fires in the core.

FFAN: Fukushima Fallout Awareness Network


"Nuclear power is one hell of a way to boil water."
Albert Einstein

"Good police act like they don't trust the hypocrites who called 911, to be right with God."
Scott Coplen

"Of all human activities, man's listening to God is the supreme act of his reasoning and will."
Pope Paul VI

O LORD, "I will hurry, without delay, to obey your commands."
Psalms 119:60

"And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men."
Colossians 3:23

"Anyone who runs ahead and does not continue in the teaching of Christ does not have God; whoever continues in the teaching has both the Father and the Son."
2 John 1:9

"He [God] rescued me from my powerful enemies, from those who hated me and were too strong for me."
2 Samuel 22:18

"The LORD gives his people strength. The LORD blesses them with peace."
Psalms 29:11

"But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith."
Galatians 5:22

One approach to communicating w/ nuke people is to do something stupid to stoop to their level. E.g., think about someone your profession is causing suffering to, then justify that it's out of your control. If you can't do that, do this to be more forgiving: Think about that they would leave the nuke field if a company offered them a bigger salary.

Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin when writing Stairway to Heaven: "I wanted to put something together which started with uh, quite a fragile exposed acoustic guitar."

Meditation during bedtime: From our grave, we wish we would have left more of a legacy for work & character (love). Or, we wish we would have worked righteously more.

Celebrating God's rule with trembling (Psalms 2:11), we can fulfill our wishes.

Increasing success (esp. getting rich) requires an increase in courage, in order to work frequently. #3 at Sharing Excellent Ideas helps.

Most illinest B-boy, "I got that feeling."

People who succeed (are platinum artists, hall of famers) endure patience that the immature cause.

All this content is a go for song lyrics. [This page is no is a content="noindex" for search engines.]

Beastie Boy's "Root Down" has many lyrics, but Eminem's "Rap God" has way more.

Beastie B's Root Down actual song

Even the strongest of people will admit: Songs that make us patient are undesirable to listen to.

For some people, success is the highway to hell. ACDC even sung about it, while drunk.
"Askin' nothin'
Leave me be
Takin' everythin' in my stride
My friends are gonna be there too"

Ok, that wasn't a good example, but it's abstract able [and stupid fun].

Most musical artists of the younger generation are not platinum 'cause they have a stupid need to make people suffer (patient) to create a more righteous state of mind.

[It could be that older people are simply unknowingly experiencing their patience (state of being).]

It is the patient people who find the music awful.


Maybe it's your low pants.

Only CJ2K can acceptably wear low pants, 'cause he holds the 40 yard dash fully automated timing record. It's his [possibly past] work ethic that is awesome.

Here is a good verse for a poem:
"I was high on drugs
but she had the baby
(boom boom base crack boosted, high, White Castle fries only come in one size)
that girl's so crazy"

Ask your doctor if intestinal fortitude is right for you. [Joke]

Relief: Maybe some people are on a mission to help people who carry too much patience. It is patience in others that can be difficult to detect.

On a different note, I have no desire to help gay people using words of wisdom. I've thought about it, and realized that I would only come across as being gay. Not a path I want to endure, 'cause I know what the Holy Bible says about gays. The [irrelevant] hating thoughts of others could contribute to daytime fatigue.

On that note, I only respect gay males who made a success in music. E.g., David Bowie, Elton John

Another different note, if you're one who realizes that the one who wins the Super Bowl is the one who people sympathize with [when players suffer] the most, then hooyah. RB Shane Vereen [maybe TE Gronk], before that RB Marshawn Lynch. In other words, they had the most love, mostly 'cause people knew about their suffering.

[RBs endure the most suffering 'cause of the tackles.]

We have to go now.

Beastie Boys - Sabotage Live: "Hello... I don't know what to say... we're in the effin gardin, y'all... we want to dedicate this song to George W. Bush, it's called Sabotage."