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Health Motivation Game
(Targeted Reasoning Ratios)

Everyone is guilty of health procrastination. Taking action on improving your health matters most. "It's all 'bout the action."


You should be visualizing yourself to better health before you go to sleep. This is the first step.

"Visualize what you want, and feel the feelings you would have if you already had it."[1]
- Jack Canfield

Visualize yourself doing the things you should be doing makes it easier to do it when that time comes. What helps me is being focused when that time comes. I take getting past any distractions seriously, with a sound posture (chin up and back). Then using tunnel vision to carry out the action. Most the time the distraction is a TV program that someone else is watching. I use will power to keep my body in motion.

You also need to connect to other experts who are teaching your health issue. You do this with empathy. Just listen to their advice, and take notes!

Aid Bum uses positive psychology and gameful design to help you increase your motivation to improve your health. Your action plan needs to be easy and rewarding. After it becomes fun, it needs to progress into being more difficult, to create the dopamine. Here are the important things Aid Bum should do:

1.  Simplify, provide clarity, educate

2.  Connect to experts, and other patients. It's all about sharing. Live shared is life enriched.

3.  Focus on completing videos. Play Aid Bum the game and score as high as you can. You should celebrate when you make a commitment, complete a video, or make a connection. To cultivate your motivation, here is the best reward to give yourself: Force yourself to carry out a learned action to achieve better health. When you take action, give yourself more points. Your ultimate goal is to make the journey a fun adventure.

4.  Make you a healthy example to others

5.  Develop positive habits. Help you stay positive

6.  Help you visualize yourself completing your goals. Promote mindfulness

Videos are easy to understand, because you are listening to and watching the subject. A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is worth a trillion.

You need to have fun watching videos about your health. You can do this respecting the subject and seeing their contribution to getting to the remedy of your health issue. You should approach every day as a game you are playing to improve your health. Give yourself 2 points for every good to great video watched and 1 point for every video you watched that didn't help. Beat your high score, every day.

The goal of the Aid Bum is to increase your motivation to improve your health condition. The way this is done, is watching YouTube videos and reading articles, recommended by your family, friends and doctors.



Needs: sciatic nerve lower back, losing weight bmi, physical therapy motivation, lower back mechanics, lower back injury prevention, RICE motivation


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Needs: lower back mechanics, lower back injury prevention, general health over 70, healthy aging, RICE motivation, medical advice on the web, trust physical therapy advice


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Scott C.


Needs: how to motivate patients, targeted keto, autophagy, sports motivation


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