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SEO Checklist
thy SEO Checklist #1 to 4 (#5–end: Priority first)

Circled Calendar Images #5Steady Updating:

Content needs frequent updates, to maximize the probability of high organic rankings.

Improving something about the first 200 words on a page can be a good focus. Deleting, adding or changing hyperlinks is also good. Updating an additional web page, at the same site, will also help organic rankings. Changing a title meta tag every 6 to 24 months is safe.

Tip A:Description meta tags need habitual edits to reflect a change in page content.

Tip B:  The Favorites Bar (Links menu) in IE browser can be used to organize due updates. Bookmarks can be renamed, using a right click. I use abbreviated words and the due date of each site's next update. I then work in an orderly fashion|

Tip C:  The person worthy for the job of updating a site is the one who has potential or already works on creative writing in the site's theme. All other necessary job functions like using your web site's hosting software and learning HTML should be easy. | SEOs' Algorithm

Motivation: Updating accounts for a big chunk of the reasons for good keyword rankings: SEOs' Algorithm shows this. If you maintain a 3+ year old site with 1000+ semi-unique backlinks, then more frequent updates could increase organic traffic within ten days. thy SEO Results lists more rank boosting scenarios. SEO I Statements

#6Webmaster Reading:

This checklist, thy I Statements, SEO Work Schedule, Webmaster Tools Help and Yahoo! Popular Topics should be top-priority reading. Also, at YouTube, any videos on search engine optimization can help.

SEO Broken Link Images

#7Fixing Broken Links:

Links not working should be minimized because no one likes to be sent to a url not found!

I manually run through all my outbound links and copy paste to notepad the bad ones. After a few days, I remove those sites that are not working for a 2nd or 3rd time.

#8No Pop-up Ads:

The use of pop-ups should be minimized because no one site is good enough for them. Outgoing links in pop-ups are too risky for an engine penalty. Firstly, it is a pop-up (annoying to some). Secondly it is an ad!

I notice that sometimes using target="_blank" in the <a href > code will instruct the internet browser to treat it as a pop-up.

Some free hosting webpages come with built-in pop-up ads. Avoiding these is wise. Before creating a new free page, pop-ups are found searching for the domain (tripod.com) at an engine, then visiting the results (user sites in SERPs).

#9Image Optimization:

Only the smallest banners, in byte size, should be placed on web pages. This helps speed up a site's load time.

Tip:Google's free Picasa can be used to edit images. Features good for SEO: Cropping, then minimizing byte size under File > Export Picture to Folder > "Resize to."

#10Mimimum Bytes:

The bytes (equal to keyboard characters) of html write-up should be minimized. This helps maintain fast loading pages.

At Google.com, after clicking View Source, there are few to no carriage-returns or unused spaces.

#11Other Image Priorites:

The amount of images, on every web page, should be minimized, to keep a site fast. |

All-to-most of a site's images must be saved into its own hosting server. This will help keep your site's speed contingent on one server. |

All images should be named using a relevant keyword. Any image names (web address locations) that are being used on other websites should be kept on your server (not be deleted). This is done by copying the image, then creating a different name for the duplicate. After doing this, there will be two of the same images in your hosting server but with different addresses (names).

Keeping up old images could also keep up any incoming link on a site that is using the image that is stored your site's server. Deleting the image could cause backlinks (including those unknown) to be deteted.

#12Most Important Meta Tags:

Title meta tags, on all web pages, must contain minimal amount of hyphens, commas and stop words (a, if, the, then, and, an, to, etc). Description meta tags, on all quality pages, must reflect the content and contain minimal amount of the @ symbol. These go between the <head> </head> tags.

#13High Energy Expert Option:

Creating additional web sites will give you the opportunity to see if you can create another organic hitter with SEO.

thySEO.com's Organic Analytics Tip A:  I recommend each webmaster maintain only 1–3 sites. A site must be updated (attended to) to be of good SE quality. Also, I would focus on acquiring three-plus backlinks a week per best engine hitter first. I know this backlink focus works from my visitor stats at Google Analytics.

I maintain about 10 sites. However, it is too much work for one webmaster. |

Tip B:  Cross-linking with your owned sites at the same hosting company is foolish. I like to avoid a big engine algorithm penalty that could occur when cross-linked sites are turned off and on at the same time for long periods of time.

#143rd Most Important Meta Tag:

The author meta tag could improve a site's engine algorithm score because its author's name is in the public eye, a condition of trustworthiness cultivation.

#15SEO Tracking:

Logging SEO work can help to estimate the causes of a site's improvement in rankings. Going out on a limb and doing something on thy SEO Checklist that you have not done is good.

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This SEO Checklist can be effective, when used with thy SEO I Statements & Work Schedule.


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Good <h1>, <h2> and strong tags are a must. |

A site's hosting server should be fast, for user friendliness & engine algorithms.

To optimize a site's speed, Google recommends using Page Speed|

A site's hosting services should be on automatic renew.

When owning websites, renew charges must clear the payment method's available amount. |

Maintaining email scripts (copy, paste) in notepad helps streamline work. |

Minimizing outgoing links to unuseful sites is playing the SEO game cautiously|

Keyword meta tag is not used says Google's Matt Cutts. [2:51 into video] |

Mountain-moving [Matthew 17:20] methods for SEO is a good focus. I (Scott) can talk through email.

Picasa > "Edit in Picnik" allows words (subtitles) to be added to images.

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Spiritual easiness can be found in positive thinking.

One of the most positive mind-sets we get occurs natually after finishing a project.


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