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The following data was gathered using the "New Version" at Google Analytics.

As of November 24, 2012, thySEO.com's most organic hitting search engines, best first:

Google-India, Google-US, Yahoo, then Google-UK.

Best Web Servers thySEO.com's most organic hitting keyword phrases, best first:

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To zero-in on a site's strongest engines:

Drop down arrow next to date range, then last 10 days > "Traffic Sources" > "Sources" > "Search" > "Organic" > Primary Dimension: "Source" > Secondary dimension: Visitors, "Country/Territory."

To zero-in on a site's strongest keyword phrases:

Using last 10 days > "Traffic Sources" > "Sources" > "Search" > "Organic" > Primary Dimension: "Keyword."
[optional] Secondary dimension: Visitors, "Country/Territory."

3 Analytic Dimensions at Same Time:

Even though Google Analytics may look like users can only get 2 dimensions at the same time for Visitors, Technology, Traffic Sources, and Content, it goes to 3 dimensions. To do this, user can go to (on left) Traffic Sources > Search > Organic > (in center) under Source > Google (or Yahoo or bing) [this then becomes the top Dimension] > (Primary Dimension) Traffic Sources - Keyword > (Secondary Dimension) City [this is the 3rd Dimension]. Shown under "Organic Search Traffic" at top, after clicking under the center Dimension (Source): ALL >> SOURCE: google.

Here are thySEO's Google Analytics showing web site visitors only from Google search engine, March 4–13:

thySEO's Analitics

A site's own webmaster could be a frequent visitor from engines. Subtracting organic hits that come from the webmaster's city can make data more accurate.

Stat at Google Analytics: Traffic sources show zero Average Time on Site when those visitors have visited only one page. The real time for these visitors cannot be recorded because the Analytic software doesn't know how to. Source: Groups.GoogleAnalytics.


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