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1. This site is an honest do-it-yourself resource for everyone.

2. Mousing-over maroon words shows definitions.

3. Here is goal determination aid|

Reasoning on right are estimations using 10 years SEO experience. Suggestions are welcome!


"If you have a product that's really gaining a lot of usage, then it's probably a good idea."
Larry Page

"Exploiting HTML 5 on mobile phones is going to be really and I mean really important."
Sergey Brin

"Include the right words on the page. Think about what the user is going to type."
Matt Cutts

"Labour not to be rich: Cease from thine own wisdom."
Proverbs 23:4

"The greatest among you will be your servant."
Matthew 23:11


Winning the respect of a max amount of visitors is good. Webmasters can edit content more than once.

Superior sites get the most natural, quality backlinks.

Anyone can commit to thy Worldwide Mission: "Minimizing procrastination" through righteousness.

Maxing out on righteous SEO work is wise. Love helps us avoid procrastination.

Righteous (ethical) SEO work allows websites to quickly become popular naturally|

Here's a 2010 video from Google's M. Cutts: Signals Used in Ranking.

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SEO Tips

Behavioral Algorithms:  At Home  Less Tired

Search Engine OptimizationTips
(Improving Effectiveness)

Buy domain name: @ afternic. Thyseo in only six characters.

May 9, 2016: ThySEO is no longer being updated. What this means: There will be broken links and lost videos. The content should still be an educational resource.

Problem Solving Algorithms are now available! Writers can copy paste incomplete reasoning ratios, do a little research, then publish. It's a time savior!

Good Bible Quotes

The Holy Bible warns us to avoid setting our minds on high things [Romans 12:16].

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Top rankings are high things. It is wise to set our minds on doing the righteous things that cause high rankings.

One righteous thing is that we support trustful business relationships: "Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed." [Ecclesiastes 4:9]

SEOs' Algorithm:
(Reasoning Ratios)

Here are the reasons a web site gets good (deservingly high) keyword rankings at organic engine listings:

25% because it's useful, relative to keyword phrase searched. [1][2][3] |
16% 'cause the [relative] keywords are in its non-meta page heading or content. [4] |
14%: Its webmaster ethically builds other backlink ads. [5][6] |
9%: A good amount of its incoming links are [deservingly] on quality webpages. |
4%: It has frequent, bigger than normal, honest updates. [7] |
4%: It's trustful in words & appearance. [8] |
4%: It has trustworthy social networking chatter (backlinks). |
3%: It has minimal useless content penalties. [9] |
2%: Meta title tag is (or has used) keyword phrase searched. [10][11][12] |
2%: It's not in [big] cross-linking or link farm penalties. [13] |
2%: It gets other natural backlinks. | Fast Domain Web Hosting
1%: [Naturally] Its links in SERPs get more clicks than others. [14][15] |
1%: Its domain name looks superior in its theme. |
0.75%: Its webmaster works on [ethical] SEO priorities in this algorithm. |
0.75%: It has minimal outbound [& navigation] links not working|
0.75%: Its write up uses CSS Properties [CSS @ wiki]. |
0.75%: Its write up upholds HTML5 (not HTML 4.01) standards. |
0.75%: It contains many [navigational] hyperlinks to its web pages. [16] |
0.5%: It has an updated site map (xml or html form). [17] |
0.5%: It has many of its own [useful] inside pages. |
0.5%: It has a continual good engine algorithm score. [18] |
0.5%: Its backlink placements are closer to top of page than normal|
0.5%: Most its pages have good hypertext-matching. [19] |
0.5%: 3+ of its navigation links are on left of, above or within main content. |
0.5%: It has minimal outbound links to spammy sites. [20] |
0.5%: Its minimal usage of other unethical SEO|
0.5%: 75%+ of its backlinks are on relevant pages. [21][22] |
0.5%: It's on a fast hosting server that has normal uptime. [23][24] |
0.5%: There is a relevant keyword in web address [found in SERP]. |
0.25%: Its [hd] images' byte size are smaller than normal. |
0.25%: Its webmaster minimizes its html byte amount|
0.25%: It hosts most of its images. [25] |
0.25%: A fair amount of its pages have a good description meta tag. |
0.25%: Other factors that keep it fast. [26] |
0.25%: It doesn't have too many images, scripts, etc. [helps to load fast] |
0.25%: Its images have an alt tag. [27][28] |
0.25%: Encoding of relevant text & links is in html, not in graphics. [29] |
0.25%: 95%+ of its pages contain under 100 links. [30] |
0.25%: It has no pop-ups containing outgoing links (ads). |
0.25%: Its url's age is older than normal. |
0.25%: Its welcome page hyperlinks to its site map|
0.25%: Each page has a good author meta tag. [31] |
0.25%: Its backlinks have an ok amount of irrelevant titles|
0.15%: 70%+ of all its backlinks use 1 of its link versions (w/ or w/out www.). |
0.10%: Its webmaster validates its html|
100% effective organic SEO!

#%s (green) are for SEOs to work on every 1–7 days |
#%s (light sandy brown): Every 8–365 days |
#%s (black): Should occur right the 1st time, or naturally (minimal thinking) |
#%s: 1–7 days for some, 8–365 days for other SEOs |
#%s: 1–7 days for some, simply naturally for others |
#%s: 8–365 days for some, naturally for others |

Organic SEO Checklist

1. thy Usefulness has SEO tips on content creation. |
2. "Think about compelling content and marketing." - Matt Cutts |
3. A Thin Affiliate Site (no value-added content) is probable engine penalty. |
4. <strong> words are good. M. Cutts: Keyword stuffing is penalty. |
5. Buying & selling links for SEO is a violation of Google's terms|
6. Some backlink titles must be exact keywords searched. |
7. Google likes big updates. (Small updates are safe.) |
8. thySEO Work Schedule (under some s) shows good reasoning. |
9. Uselessness should be an algorithm penalty to make SERPs useful to keywords. |
10. Required on all pages - goes between <head> </head> tags |
11. Other people will use the meta title when building natural backlinks|
12. Meta titles relevant to page content will avoid a possible engine penalty. |
13. thy Hosting Tips help avoid cross-linking penalties. |
14. Found searching for "," visiting 161st url in results, then 1 click @ digg |
15. Only 1% ratio to help prevent engine user manipulation (spam|
16. Some hyperlinks could use a title tag *: <a href="http://_" title="_">. |
17. Yahoo reference: Getting a higher rank |
18. Past above-average scores have likelihood of continuing. |
19. Prior to Jan. 2012, this info was at |
20. 3rd bullet under Quality guidelines - basic principles near bottom |
21. Less than 50% relevant backlinks is probable engine penalty. |
22. 100 max irrelevant backlinks (e.g., footer) per site are factored|
23. Keeps a site fast for user satisfaction |
24. 7+ consecutive hours of server downtime is bad, with cross-linked sites. |
25. Keeps web site speed contingent on 1 server |
26. Google recommends Page Speed|
27. Looks like: <img src="seos.jpg" alt="SEOs"|
28. Google Chrome shows alt words when image isn't working, not on mouse-over|
29. Helps engines find relevant text & links |
30. Google's Design guidelines did say "100 max," now it's "a reasonable #." |
31. Authors in the public eye should be more trustworthy. |

* Some hyperlinks could use a title tag: Some browsers don't show url in bottom Status Bar on mouse-over.

Being accountable for a site's useful content is key. SEOs can then imagine what it feels like to be listed at the top of organic listings for highly relevant keywords. When zero sites have greater content, the sky's the limit. Every day seeing the end result rankings makes SEO work a little easier because it's a positive idea.

Successful SEO or any other marketing method happens 'cause the one doing it has a passion to be successful. The work, at times, is painstakingly challenging. Sites with righteous themes (content) are easier to promote (work on).


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